Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm It !!! Lets Play Tag

I have been Tagged by Colin

So the rules are:

1. Post the rules

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post

3. Come up with 11 new questions

4. Tag 11 people and link to them in your post

5. Let them know you tagged them so they can answer the new questions
His Questions Are:

  1. What is Your Favorite Board Game?  Sorry
  2. If had a choice what Animal would you like to be? bird
  3. Title and author of book your Reading Right now? not reading one now
  4. What was the last movie you watched? Snow White and the Huntsman 
  5. Who was the last person you talked to in person? my best friend, today
  6. Which shoe do you put on first? Right
  7. When is the last time you played the air guitar? Can't remember
  8. List three of your bad habits? smoking, procastination, forgetting
  9. What last Song you listened to and who was it by? Tiny Dancer by Tim McGraw
  10. What did you have for breakfast yesterday? Does coffee count...
  11. Have you ever had to use a fire extinguisher for its intended use? Yes, my daughter started a campfire in her closet,once

2.  Nancy -
3.  Ann -
4.  K.Marie -
5. could find anyone else :)

Here are my questions..........

  1. What is your favorite movie of all time?Why
  2. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen? Do you like horror movies?
  3. What gives you the creeps?
  4. What's your favorite tv show of all time?
  5. What's your favorite song?
  6. Do you like to sing karaoke?
  7. Do you play video games now?
  8. What is your favorite quote?
  9. Which is your least favorite season?
  10. What were the three happiest moments in your life so far?
  11. What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?

WIPocalypse #6 June Check-In

Wow half the year is gone!!!!  Well here is my June's check-in for WIPocalypse 2012.  If you would like to check out everyones' beautiful work click here for Measi blog. 

Stitching Stuff

Yay .... I have a finish!
Designer:Stitch N Hang Kit
from: Needle Magic Inc

Almost done with this one
I got a few stitches in and some backstitching

changed my mind about using this fabric for another box
using it to make a Needlebook.

I have one more WIP but I still working on removing the frogs

Box Finishing Class

Well I finished my box for Meari's Finishing Class.  I had a great time and loved the class. Everyone's box came out beautiful.   Meari's instructions were great, just check out her blog for more tutorials.  I know I will be attending her next class. 





Happy Stitching Everyone

Friday, June 22, 2012

TUSAL # 6 June

Well it's that time again..... TUSAL time!!!!  If you are interested in joining or just curious about what it's all about just click here for Daffycat - 2012 TUSAL .  Well I have been busy earlier this month with birthdays, house guests, and parties so not much stitching got done then.  Since everything seems to be returning back  to normal (whatever that, I have gotten a few stitches in.

June 2012 ort jar

Happy Stitching Everyone

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wkly Update

Yay an update.....I know it has been a long time since I've really blogged.  I have been a little busy.  Well not much stitching has gotten done, this week. My sister and her family were in town for a week and we had a great time.  My week was birthday was Monday,  I recieved lots of birthday wishes from my family and friends.  My kiddos made me dinner and a birthday cake.

My Birtday cake my kiddos made :)

Best part of my birtday was watching my granddaughter eat!!!
she is too cute!!!!

DBF took me out to the movies when he got back into town.  We watched Snow White and the Huntsman.  It was a good movie ... I liked it.

Then we ended the week with a big family bbq at the park before my sister left for home (Florida).  It was great to see and spend time with family.  We had a great time.  But this was a very long week and Sunday I just sat around trying to get some rest & stitching done but not much of both got done.  Now it is time to get everything back on track and on a "somewhat" normal routine. 

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