2013 WIPcolypse

Well its another year of WIPocolypse.....YAY!!!  I love this, I actually have finishes (not many but finishes) So I'm very excited to be participating in this again in 2013.  Thank Measi :) 
So here is my list of WIP that I would love to get done for 2013.  This year I'm very excited  about 2013 WIPocalypse which will include monthly theme.  I will have to look through my stash. 
Happy stitching
My List

  1. Snowman Carolers
  2. ChristmasBow by EMS
  3. Fruitful Kitchen - apple,orange, pear, grape, peach, plum (will be stitching all 6)
  4. Teddy Bear Greetings
  5. Happy Easter
  6. Harmony (Purple Rose)
  7. Good Luck Baby by EMS
  8. Baby Book - (12motifs) Completed = 1
  9. Baby Rattle
  10. Don't Do Morning
  11. Give Thanks
  12. Purple Scroll Sampler
  13. Train of Dreams - Spangler
  14. Purple Needlebook
  15. Pink Rose Box - for boyfriend's mom
  16. Gothic Cross - for brothers
  17. "Sister" - for sisters
  18. Angel of Compassion Storykeep
  19. Fractal Bookmark
Hoping to add more!

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