2012 WIPocalypse

Well the year has ended and I didn't get through the whole year with WIPocalypse.  But it was really fun and I have finishes.  So now it is on to WIPocalypse 2013

Here are my finishes for WIPocalypse 2012.....
Design by EMS - will be a box top finish


Bookmark - Monkey See Monkey Do

Fruitful Kitchen - Orange

Delicate Rose - Box top finish

Bookmark Exchange - ILCS

Well I finished stitching them .... now need to work on my finishing method.

I have entered Measi's WIPocalypse. Well in spirit, dont think I created my blog by the deadline. Look here to sign up or just look at all the beautiful progress everyone is making!!!! Happy Stitching

My List
  1. Snowman Carolers
  2. ChristmasBow by EMS
  3. Fruitful Kitchen - apple,orange, pear, grape, peach, plum (will be stitching all 6)
  4. Teddy Bear Greetings
  5. Happy Easter
  6. Harmony (Purple Rose)
  7. Good Luck Baby by EMS
  8. Baby Book or Blanket
  9. Baby Rattle
  10. Don't Do Morning
  11. Give Thanks
  12. Purple Scroll Sampler
  13. Bookmark - ILCS Exchange 
  14. Monkey See Monkey Do - bookmark for DS
  15. Train of Dreams - Spangler
  16. Ho Ho Snowman - finish
  17. Delicate Rose - Box Top finished
  18. Purple Needlebook
  19. Purple Box - need to find box
  20. Pink Rose Box - for boyfriend's mom

      I hoping to add more once I have completed a few.

      So far here are my WIP for WIPocalypse.

      WIP #1 Snowman Carolers

      I started this one on New Years.  I just love the colors in this chart.

      WIP #2 ChristmasBow by EMS

      WIP #3 Fruitful Kitchen - Orange

      Unfortanutely my WIP#3  was near my highlighter with the cap off and now it has a stain on the edge.  I am just going to work through it.  The stain is on the edge so once it is framed it will not be so noticeable. ..... I hope.

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