Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Update 1/30/12

Hoping Everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Thanks to one of my stitching friends on ILCS, I have made some real progress on  WIP #3 Fruitful Kitchen - Orange Friday night.  My WIP had terrible accident with a highlighter but received a link on how to fix it.  It worked well enough that I don't feel like the piece is totally ruined. 

I also now have a small stitching project that I can stitch on at work.  It is a Stitch and Hang Ornament.  Thank you ladies for your comments and encouragements. Funny thing is now that I decide to stitch at work, I've been to busy to put in a stitch.  As someone said "all WIP gets done one stitch at a time" :)

I've had some major frogging to do on my WIP #1 Snowman Carolers.  I was always missing a stitch or two or off on my count...ugh.  This was very frustrating.  So Saturday, I bought  fabric marker (washable) and marked my grids.  I'm hoping this will help.

I will be adding pics soon.  Happy Stitching !!!

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