Thursday, March 28, 2013

WIPocalypse #3 Check-In

Hello Everyone,
Has it been another full moon, already!!!!  WOW time flies when you're stitching....If you are interested in WIPocalypse, click here.

Well since the last full moon, I have worked on .......

Snowman Carolers

working on the last snowman, then I have some back stitching
and the border.
I put in a few stitches in this one.   
And that is all I have done on the stitching front.


Sewing Stuff
I have  a couple working project going on for Easter. 
I wanted to make the grand babies something but the pattern I bought just seemed a little intimidating even with the word Easy on the front.
So I opted for make Diaper Covers

Above is my diaper cover.  I've already measured it on the grand babies and sewn in the elastic.  One down and another one to go... :)
I don't know if this will make sense but it was an easy pattern to follow but it wasn't
Now I'm working on making the grand babies a simple skirt. 

And I finished my curtain for my bedroom.  I just love the color.  It did not come out completely perfect...i.e did not do the top hem correctly but I love it.
Here is what the fabric looks like.....
Well that is all folks!!!!
I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter and Happy Stitching!


  1. That diaper cover is the cutest!!! :D

  2. I love your curtains! The diaper covers are adorable, and so practical!

  3. Those diaper covers are ADORABLE!!

  4. Your diaper covers are very cute.

  5. Your stitching looks great!
    Love the diaper cover and the curtains!


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