Friday, April 26, 2013

April IHSW & WIPocalypse #4 Check-In

Well last weekend was International Hermit Stitch-In Weekend/IHSW, again. Just click here to join!

I'm late again on my Arpil IHSW, so I added my WIPocalypse #4 Check-in too.  If you are interested in WIPocalypse, just click here.

I had every intension of being at home in my comfy chair just stitching.  But it did not turn out that way!

Friday: I got a call saying that my son was in the ER because he was bit by a dog while at a friend's house.  I can honestly say hearing this made me skip a heartbeat or two.  But he is fine and enjoying all the attention.  I do feel awful because animal control took the dog and my son's friend is really missing her dog.  I hope everything turns out okay.

Saturday: My daughter asked if I would babysit my grand daughters because she had a funeral to attend.  Which turned into a sleepover,yay.   I had a wonderful time with the grand babies.  If I didn't mention it before I will be a grandma again....a grandson in June!!!  I really need to get my butt in gear.

Sunday: I can honestly say that I was pooped!  I cleaned up and did laundry.  The house is always alittle mess when the babies are over.

I did manage to get in a few stitches.  Here is my rose, I will be working on this for awhile.  I need to get this done and onto a box top before June.

This is the only WIP that I have stitched on since my last WIPocalypse Check-In.  So here is before / after pics.


Happy Stitching Everyone!


Thank you all for your comments. They are all greatly appreciated.