Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIPocalypse: Check-In #2

Well it's time for another full moon check-in.  I'm still stitching away on my  WIPs.  Time flies when you are stitching.  :0)  Here are my recent pics of my WIP.

WIP#1 Snowman Carolers

WIP#2 ChristmasBow by EMS

WIP#3 Fruitful Kitchen - Orange

WIP#4 Ho Ho Snowman - Stitch 'n Hang

I didn't get much stitching in this weekend. It was Super Bowl weekend!!!   One of my brothers has been squatting on my couch living with me for awhile.  He moved out Saturday into his first apartment!  So I've been a little busy with getting my household back into a "normal" routine and housework.  Sunday watched the game at my younger brother's house.  I made BBQ Pork Sandwiches, seems to be his favorite.
I'm hoping to get the house clean & in order this week, so that I can just stitch this weekend.  We will see how well that will work out.... lol. 

I have recently purchased a Daylight light bulb and I love it. Yay, I can see. Well, it's not such a strain now.  And about those readers...I must be in denial because I could not find the "right pair".  I've convinced myself (which wasn't hard to do) that I have a new light bulb, shouldn't need glasses.  Time will tell on that theory.

Happy stitching everyone!!!!!!!!!


  1. Which daylight bulb are you using? I used the GE Reveals for a while until I got my floor lamp.

    Nice progress on your WIPs!

  2. Great stitching. DH bought me a daylight lamp last year and I love it for working on my workstand, definitely eases the eyes.

  3. Great that you are stitching on you UFOs


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