Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Late" TUSAL - March Check In.....

Wow this month flew right on by me and I missed this month's check in.  So it is TUSAL time (Totally Useless SAL)click here  to see what it's all about and join in all the fun.

So here  is my pics of my orts jar.  It has colors from my bookmark exchange, some purple, blues, pink and green.  I have not worked on much else.

Finished my bookmark for my exchange and it's off to my partner.  Now that I have a finish (no pic yet) working on getting organized with all the patterns that I just want to stitch....there are so many.  I'm sure this is a common problem. :)

Happy Stitching Everyone,



  1. maybe you didn't get much stitching done, but you did some! and all the organizing will make it easier to start another project:-)

  2. Pretty ORTS. lol Yes, it is a very common problem. I spent a few hours yesterday working out what I was going to stitch when I realised I had cut evenweave half the size it should be! Fortunately, I figured it out after a few stitches!

  3. Elena I have given you a Liebster award. Please check my blog:-) congratulations!

  4. Elena, I awarded you the Liebster award. Check my blog for my details.
    Ouch, just see you already recieved, sorry about that!


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