Thursday, March 8, 2012

WIPocalypse Check-In #3

Well it's about that time again.... WIPocalypse time!  If you have not heard of WIPocalypse click here to see what's all about.  And join in all the fun!

Well it has been awhile since I have posted an update but I do have a finish. Yay!!!  I have also added to my list of TO DOs, bookmarks for my kids & exchange, and a new HEAD project.... so excited!
I started one of my bookmark project for my ILCS group (Bookmark Exchange).  I will not add pics until I am done.

But here is what I've been working on.....

Fruitful Kitchen by Linda Bird
Fabric: 16Aida
Finished : 03/2012

WIP #1

Still working on this one....

I have been working on this little WIP at work and while waiting for the doctor.  I had to get rid of the frogs that came to visit.  
Ho Ho Snowman

I really have not worked on this one.  But hoping to get some stitching in once I finish my exchange.

ChristmasBow by EMS

Stitched by Kristina P.
Started: 10-19-11
Finished: 3-3-12

My daughter was so excited this weekend .... first because she had her 2nd finish.  She did not do the back stitching correctly but was so happy to call this a FINISH.  Then I told her all about my stitching group and thought it was cool.  She asked if I would show off her stitching.  So here it is.  Now she is asking for another project and basket like mine for her stitching. 

Happy Stitching, Everyone!


  1. It's great that your daughter enjoys stitching, too. It's a neat thing to share. Nice work on your WIPs. Hugs, Christina

  2. Lots of cute different things. I love the orange.


  3. All your WIPs are looking good and I love your finish! Your daughter's finish is great! Keep encouraging and enabling her!!!!

  4. Everything looks wonderful & your finish is fab! Next to plums, oranges's are my fav fruit (navel only tho). :) Your daughters finish is sweet. Like mother, like daughter, love it!! :)

  5. Everything looks great, like your daughters finish, can't see where you say she messed up the back-stitching so all is good. Like the Fruitful kitchen as well, think that is in my stash, not sure.

  6. Your stitching looks very nice.


  7. Wonderful progress. Nice finishes. And so nice your daughter is stitching too.

  8. that beautiful work ... Good continuation

  9. Great progress - tell Kristina that she is a very good stitcher and I love her finish!

  10. Great stitching! And love hour DD's finish!

  11. Wow you have been busy! Orange is so bright and colourful and your WIP's are looking good.
    Congrats to Kristina for her second finish!

  12. Lovely work! Your daughter's stitching is very cute!

    - Lisa N. in Cambodia

  13. Kristina's stitching is lovely. Does she has her basket yet? Congrats on all WIPs!

  14. Your daughter's stitches are beautiful. I can't be surprised since yours are so lovely.

  15. Nice finish on the orange. Your daughter's piece looks great too.

  16. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Love your finish!

    Your other stitching is lovely and so is your daughter's.

  17. Beautiful stitching I enjoyed looking at both of your world an finishes.


Thank you all for your comments. They are all greatly appreciated.